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Which Kombucha is Right for You?

September 7, 2019

For anyone who follows me on Snapchat, you may have seen my “Kombucha of the Day” reviews. If you have not, welcome! Kombucha is a fermented drink with tons of amazing health properties. It is especially good for your gut, providing lots of good probiotics. It is a great alternative to juice or soda.


I have received several messages requesting that I create a physical list for people to reference. This way you can avoid buying the sour, overly beer-like flavors, and get the best experience with this delicious fizzy drink. Now there are lots of Kombucha I have tried at cafes and people’s homes (you can make it yourself), but I am keeping this list strictly to brands you can find in most grocery stores.


I have broken them down by my favorite brands, and my favorite flavors within those brands.


There are a ton of flavors/brands I have yet to try and would love some suggestions!


GT’s Kombucha & Synergy

This one tastes like rootbeer!

 It’s basically like a fizzy watermelon juice that refreshes you.

If you like a little kick with a hint of sweetness, this one if for you! It is mixed with carrot juice which gives it that beautiful orange color and sweet taste.

 I tend to always grab this one on my kombucha runs. It has spirulina in it, which I love.

 I recently found this flavor and fell in love. It is a great combination of sweet and tart.




Kevita’s are a bit lighter in flavor. They have less concentration than GT’s, which can be a nice change-up.

 I adore this flavor. It is so subtly sweet, like an adult version of a creamsicle.

 If you like a stronger berry taste, this one is great. I would say it is a mix of blueberry 

and grape flavors.

 Now can you say summer with this flavor! The mix of mint and coconut is tropical and 


Lavender can be too much of an overpowering flavor for some, but I like it a lot. This is mild, so it isn’t like you are drinking the flower.



 Simple and classic, probably the best fit for folks who like a clean, not sweet taste.

 Clean with a bit of bitterness from the lemon makes this a great drink to go with any 



Brew Dr. Kombucha


This brand is by far the closest tasting to a cider or


beer. Since kombucha is made by a similar fermentation process as beer, you can get a similar taste without all the calories or stomach problems.


 Uplift reminded me a lot of a Yerba Matte/tea. 

 A clear mind is right! This one is super smooth and relieving. 

At first, I thought the flavor was kind of weird, but the more I sipped the more I grew to 

love this simple combination.


What are your favorite flavors?



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