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3 Star Wars "The Last Jedi" Themes You May Have Missed

December 19, 2017


While all attention was set on Luke Skywalker's epic return, The Resistance's valiant effort to fight The First Order, and Rose and Finn's newfound friendship— The Last Jedi also touched on motifs involving the flaws of the food industry, the inequality between classes, and the importance of companionship.


1. The Food Industry Has Flaws, Even Across Galaxies


Some of us try to combat our guilt as consumers by participating in "meatless Mondays" or swapping out skim milk for almond milk at the coffee shop. Whether it be the mistreatment of animals on factory farms, monocropping depleting soil, or poor sanitation causing disease outbreaks, it is hard to always trust what is on our plates, or in this case what Chewie is roasting for dinner.


You know your heart sank too when those big ol' Porg eyes filled with sadness and horror at the sight of Chewie about to dig his teeth into one of their own. Vegans and vegetarians everywhere rejoiced as Chewie slowly put down his scrumptious roast in guilt, showing that even beasts have souls. In the end however, his carnivorous impulse wins as he bites into the roasted bird after the rest of the Porgs leave. A Wookiee's gotta do what a Wookiee's gotta do.


Another jab at the food industry comes during an extremely uncomfortable scene where Luke squirts green goo out of some creatures utters to drink. Like a swollen dairy cow waiting to be relieved, the creature sits on a rock wailing. Luke bottles up the milky substance and downs it like he has been in the desert for years. While extremely strange, the scene definitely highlights human's reliance on animal products. 


2. Greed is Rampant Everywhere

 While Kylo Ren lusts for power and acceptance,  the people of Baccarat (the very showy, Capitol-esque casino planet) desire money. They don't care how they get it either. This narrative shows how companies are willing to exploit both the rich and the poor. As DJ reveals to Finn, these people sold weapons to both "good and bad guys." In fact, they sold them the very ship that helped Finn and Rose escape in order to help the rest of The Resistance fight. 


The idea of monetary incentive beating social good is only reinforced when DJ betrays Finn and Rose solely on the basis that he favors whoever profits him the most. He tells them not to take it personally, and that "today they blow you up, tomorrow you blow them up."


3. Always Have an Animal (or droid) Sidekick


Star Wars viewers since the 1970s have recognized the value of intergalactic friendships. Whether it be Han and Chewie or Luke and R2-D2 epic battles throughout the years, there is no doubt everyone should have a non-human companion. 


Poe and BB-8's relationship parallels the classic tale of a boy and his faithful dog, except BB-8 is way more badass than any dog could ever possibly be. Don't get me wrong, I love a big fluffy ball full of energy, but what dog is going to fight troopers or steal a space ship to help out their buddy?


The Fathiers (those tortured bull-like creatures on Baccarat) save the day when Finn and Rose escape. With the help of a few orphan children, these creatures plow through the streets with our heroes on their backs like the running of the bulls, bringing Finn and Rose to safety. 


Although our favorite characters are plenty heroic on their own, they still need a trusty sidekick to help them out at the end of the day. 


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