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What I Brought to London for a Month

June 26, 2017




Between finals, turning 20, and planning to study abroad in London, June has been crazy! Alas, I have finally arrived in London—in fact I am sitting in the Heathrow airport right now— and I am pretty confident in everything that is sitting in my one checked bag, still with plenty of room in it, and one carryon backpack.  


Here is what I brought:

1. Passport and ID

2. Important documents (identification as a student, directions, syllabus, etc.)

3. Laptop

4. Phone

5. Camera (if not using phone)

6. Credit/ Debit cards

7. Headphones

8. Chargers (get portable too)

9. Empty, refillable water bottle

10.  Converter

11.  Toothbrush and toothpaste

12.  Floss (get those little picks, they are game changers)

13.  Retainer (if needed)

14.  Chapstick

15.  Gum

16.  Snacks for the plane (granola bars, nuts, chips, etc.)

17.  Toiletries: shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, lotion, face wash,

18.  Feminine hygiene products

19.  Medication, vitamins, sleeping pills, cough drops, and Pepto Bismol tablets

20.  Ear plugs (good for tuning out the busy London streets at night)

21.  Razer/ shaving cream (eos brand is wet and dry shave)

22.  Makeup

23.  Hair products and tools

24.  Hair ties

25.  2 pairs of jeans

26.  Rain jacket (a light-weight Northface is PERFECT) and/or an umbrella

27.  Comfortable walking shoes (Converse,Nikes, and rain booties)

28.  2-3 pairs of pajamas

29.  2 Long-sleeve shirts

30.  1 Sweater

31.  Heavy jacket (I brought a faux leather one)

32.  2-3 tank tops

33.  Shorts

34.  Scarf

35.  3 pairs of socks

36.  Work out clothing

37.  Swimsuit

38.  Cross-body purse or fanny pack (I did both!)

39.  Underwear and bras

40.  Sunglasses

41.   Entertainment: iPad, music, journal, coloring book

42.  Pens (you’ll need one to fill out custom and border information, )

43. Notebook (one for classes and one for journaling)





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